5 Smart Wallets to Make Your Life Easier

Technology nowadays is everywhere. In a few years everyone will have a smart purse so, we advise you to buy a suitable smart wallet now, before it becomes a “mainstream”!
With our help you will find the best smart wallets for sale and step into the world of calmness and safety.
In this article we’ve gathered useful information about some new wallets that may become a real lifesaver for you. Let’s explore some of these wonderful products.

1. Walli
Walli is a smart wallet that makes a connection with your phone and sends the warnings if you forget it somewhere. As soon as you walk away from your wallet, it will instantaneously remind you that you have no wallet with you. But that is not all – it works in reverse as well. You can use your wallet if your phone is lost or you just have troubles finding it. Double-click on the wallet and it will activate the call-on-your-phone function, even if the phone is in silent mode!
Another great function Walli features is that it constantly monitors the contents of your wallet. For example, if you left your bank card somewhere, the wallet will instantly remind you of this!
Walli has enough space to hold your passport, cash, 3 credit cards, 3 business cards, and even a boarding pass. You might think that Walli is a pretty bulk to store all these items, but it isn’t, Walli looks neat and stylish even if it is completely filled!

2. Wocket
The Wocket wallet is more of a smart card holder than a wallet in the usual way, but this piece of technology will definitely help those who use credit and debit cards on a daily basis.
Wocket does not require a smartphone connection. You need to authorize the cards in your wallet using its adapter. Once you’ve done this, you’ll make contactless payment a lot easier! Just choose the card you want to pay using the touch screen on your wallet.
We definitely recommend Wocket to those who use their cards often.

3. Ekster
Ekster looks very cool and stylish. As any other smart wallet, it has a function of immediate alert if you left the wallet somewhere or lost it.
A button that provides easy and fast access to the cards you store in your wallet is a special feature of this wallet. Ekster does not require battery replacement – the wallet can simply be recharged and the battery life is about 6 months.
Another useful feature Ekster wallet has is the Backup Trace feature, with which we can remotely activate the camera on the wallet to see its location and who took it!

4. Woolet
Woolet is a thin, stylish and functional smart wallet that warns you every time you leave it somewhere. It’s just under 10mm wide, with plenty of space for credit cards and cash.
Woolet can be charged wirelessly; you don’t have to look for a new battery for your smart wallet every 6 months or so. Also, the Woolet doesn’t need to be charged every day like a phone – it holds a charge (attention!) for 2 years. This seems to be enough to make sure that this smart wallet is highly functional.
Woolet’a also has a secret compartment for safe and secure storage of your most precious belongings. The Woolet is quite simple, it looks amazing, and is absolutely worth the money!

5. Volterman – reliable and stylish protection of cards and money
Volterman has recently entered the smart wallet market, but in just a week it was able to establish itself as the most advanced “smart” wallet among all available on the market. Why? Everything is very simple – it is incredibly functional, some of its features are just unbelievable!

  • Built-in power-bank (portable battery) for 2600 mAh
  • Phone notifications of the location of the wallet
  • GPS tracking of your wallet
  • Built-in Wi-Fi router, that works anywhere in the world
  • Thief Detection Camera, which photographs people who have ever touched your wallet

In addition to built-in technology, Volterman Bifold is also a thin and light purse made of high-quality materials with a thickness of 11 mm! Sometimes it feels like it’s not a wallet, but a real smartphone.