Driving Tips in Verona

There are various ways of driving in various counties however this article will focus on Verona, a beautiful city of adventure. There are various rules that are imposed on drivers and the way that these drivers ought to do things. This is in order to be in the right books of the law. There are tips or conditions on should adhere to while driving in Verona and these include the following.

Seat Belts Are to Be Worn at All Times

This is a very important aspect that you must put into consideration. Before you start a journey in Verona you should wear a seat belt this is to promote one’s safety in case, they are involved in a motor accident. The other factor is that there are cameras that are placed in every part of the city to monitor if you are following such rules. Once you are caught in breach you are subjected to a ticket or imprisonment.

Drive in Your Appropriate Lane

In Verona, the lanes are divided into the bus lanes, the car lanes, and the bicycle lane. This is to prevent confusion and also reduce the number of accidents. Once you are in Verona make sure that u drive in the right lane otherwise you will cause accidents or the traffic police will impose a ticket on you or worse still, they can impound your car.

Italy traffic street

Park in the Appropriate Places

There are sections that are designated for Verona parking. This is to avoid congestion within the city since Verona is a small city. The designated parking makes it look more organized and reduces congestion. The other factor I that while you are parking makes sure that you park within the white lines. Verona parking is also tricky once you don’t park the car in the right place the car might get impounded.

Italy buses

The Headlights Must Be On at All Times

This is another standard that has to be regarded while driving in Verona the headlights must be at all times whether it is during the day or at night this is to avoid collision of cars. This is often automatic in most of the Italian made cars however if one’s car does not do it automatically; they can do it manually. Once you are found driving a car without headlights you are subjected to a penalty.

Drinking and Driving in Verona Is Unacceptable

Once one is planning on driving in Verona, they should be conscious of the actions. In that, they should not take any alcohol if they are going to drive. Otherwise once found driving under the influence of alcohol you are charged and imprisoned.

Carabinieri Italy


There are various aspects that are considered while driving in Verona. one ought to observe these aspects while driving in Verona this will enable them to keep out of trouble with the authorities. once they fail to observe the rules, they will be subject to the sanctions to the breach of those rules. So, there is just one major tip and that is to follow the rules on road safety. You can get valuable live experience on