What is Durban Poison good for?

Durban Poison is a strong and sticky cannabis variety that has the ability to grow in varying circumstances and growing conditions. It is a purely South African Sativa landrace. In addition to this, the Durban Poison has a THC content level of 15%-25%. Nowadays one can find a Durban Poison vape cartridge that has even bigger amounts of THC, however, be aware that these amounts of Durban Poison can put a man high for up to 90 minutes.

When Durban Poison is used in vaping, it can help numb depression and anxiety for a particular time span of 30-90 minutes. The major question that arises is that is the Durban poison helpful or not?


Impact of Durban Poison:

People that are usually suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety or diseases where they cannot sometimes control their voluntary organs, are recommended by doctors to take certain drugs. Durban Poison is one of those drugs that help people to numb their physical as well as mental pain for a large span of time. It slows down hypertension in the mind of the human and relaxes the mind. People suffering from PTSD has a very hard life. They pretend to be normal when they are unable to be normal and when their mind is exhausted by constantly pretending to be normal, they burst out. Durban poison helps them calm down. Moreover, some people have attention deficit disorder. In this disorder, the person is unable to focus on one or more things at a time. Durban poison helps the patients with this disorder to maintain their focus. The focus that is maintained with the help of Durban poison is quite intense and helpful.

The Side effect of Durban Poison:

Durban poison is extremely cerebral and powerful, it causes some side-effects that are totally undesirable by the users, but with the goods Durban poison provides, there are side effects too. It causes patients to feel paranoid and out of control. In addition to this, the excess usage of Durban poison can make the user lose control and he/she might feel like standing on the edge.


Durban poison has been named after South Africa’s second-largest city as it has gained a lot of contribution to creating one of the most powerful drugs, from the area. Durban poison has a very sweet and hash aroma, along with its resin content, which makes it useful for the production of wax and candles. Durban poison has been very effective with its use to help people obtain their conscience, and help them strive to live life like normal people. Without a doubt, Durban poison has helped people become normal, but the major question arises, “Is Durban poison worth using if it is affecting the person in a negative way too?” Some might answer as yes, others might say that it’s a no, but it totally depends on the usage and the will of the person.