What is the difference between HVAC and AC?

Most of the homeowners are unable to differentiate between HVAC and air conditioning units. In spite of the differences between the two, many are unaware of the features that distinguish the two.

Contractors and builders tend to add confusion to homeowners when they start using the two terms mutually. Nevertheless, there is a big difference between these kinds of units, while the acronyms may be used mutually, but they translate to various things.


HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. The main purpose of HVAC is heating and cooling the air in your house and offers ventilation to enable the moisture to escape. An HVAC unit comprises an air conditioning unit and furnace as well as ducts incorporated to enhance moisture release. Most of the HVAC units are used to reference the air conditioning unit, it should be noted that not all conditioning units have HVAC features.


AC refers to air conditioning and is a system which is built to cool the air in your house. Some contractors or builders refer to an AC unit as a tool that conditions their both hot and cold. Ac unit is the system that is designed to cool the air, HVAC unit is used for heating the air and allowing the moisture to escape via the vents.

In general, an HVAC unit is meant to cool, heat and at the same time ventilate your apartment. You need to be aware of this in order to avoid being confused by the contractors. By searching HVAC Los Angeles you’ll definitely find the right unit for your apartment or a house.

An HVAC system is quite expensive and requires to be handled with care in comparison to the air conditioning unit and that is why it is important to do thorough research when trying to find the best HVAC professionals to do the installation as well as maintenance of the system.

An HVAC system is a piece of large electrical equipment that is capable of doing all the tasks such as heating, cooling, air conditioning and also ventilating. Not all HVAC units have been modernized to sense heat as well as weather changes and control it without having your intervention.

In most scenarios, air conditioning systems are designed to control the air inside the house. It comprises of duct systems as well as a duct system to aid the circulation of hot air from the house and revert it to the outside via tubes. It also has a condenser which helps in cooling the air from outside and driving it to the inside house for cooling functions.

When choosing the system to purchase you have to consider the one which suits your family needs. For a fact, the HVAC system is the best when compared to Air Conditioning System, this is because it has both heating and cooling features in one unit. The only problem is that an HVAC system is extremely expensive when compared to an air conditioning system and this is why most homeowners opt for air conditioners because they are less costly. Each system has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Make the necessary considerations before you choose one which suits your needs.