What Is the Difference Between Sneakers and Shoes?

Shoes are one of the essential parts of a person’s wardrobe. They are used by people of all ages and genders. Boots are worn by people as they provide comfort, protect from injury as well as give a person better posture and support. There are many different styles and designs of shoes from heavy-duty working boots to lightweight sneakers. That is why there are special boot stores and sneaker stores in New Jersey as well as all across the world.

These days, the method of footwear worn is also used to reflect on an individual’s style or social status. Some types of shoes are worn for their utility such as running shoes or a particular kind of sports shoe, for example, basketball shoes while other styles such as leather shoes are worn to look fashionable or classy. Often sneakers can be confused with different types of shoes. This article aims to iron out any such confusion. If you are looking to buy fashionable shoes, you need to be able to differentiate between the different kinds of shoes. This article will help you in this regard.


Shoes are worn for the warmth, comfort, protection style, and support they offer. They can be made from a variety of materials such as leather, plastics, synthetic fabrics such as canvas or nylon and polyurethane which is a type of rugged material commonly used on the upper and lower surface of sports shoes.

A benefit of these shoes is that they are convenient to clean as they can be cleaned quickly with a wet towel. Polyurethane which is used to contrast the sole of the shoe is a soft, elastic and durable material that has better wear and tear resistance than rubber. It can bare a higher amount of load without getting damaged quickly. With superior impact resistance and elastic memory, it forms the best material to use for a shoe sole. This not only provides comfort due to its soft nature but also provides excellent balance.



While Shoes are a common term, sneakers are a particular type of shoe that is becoming increasingly popular these days. A common mistake is made by people when they refer to any footwear with a rubber sole as a pair of sneakers. This is factually incorrect since many different types of shoes can have rubber soles; in fact, most of them do.

Sneakers got their name because these shoes made little to no noise when they walked around in. Nowadays, a wide variety of sneakers are available in the market. The term ‘sneakers’ is mostly used in the United States of America whereas the same type of shoe is referred to as joggers or trainers in other parts of the world, such as England and Australia.

While shoes can be made out of any material, sneakers are traditionally made from synthetic material and rubber soles. They are considered to be casual shoes and are usually used for athletic purposes among many other similar activities.